Interview With Nasty Savage

Interview With Nasty Savage Interview By Luxi Lahtinen & JP Interview with Florida’s veteran thrash masters – Nasty Savage, about the newly-reformed group and their latest CD. First of all, would you politely tell us the latest news from the Nasty Savage camp? What’s up with you guys as far as your reunion thing withContinue Reading

Sunday Old School: Nasty Savage

by Diamond Oz. Professional wrestling and heavy metal music has plenty in common, perhaps more than one might initially think. Both fan bases are mocked by many people who don’t share their enthusiasm for the colourful world they adore, both are perceived as appealing mostly to white males, though of course there are many overlookedContinue Reading

When Wrestling Went Metal

POSTED BY BENJAMIN WELTON ON JULY 6, 2015 Way back in the days before the WWE Network or a million Stone Cold wannabes doing “What?” after every pause on the mic, wrestling was predominantly a regional enterprise full of mystery and danger. As silly as it might sound, TV viewers in Memphis had no ideaContinue Reading