Sunday Old School: Nasty Savage

by Diamond Oz.

Professional wrestling and heavy metal music has plenty in common, perhaps more than one might initially think. Both fan bases are mocked by many people who don’t share their enthusiasm for the colourful world they adore, both are perceived as appealing mostly to white males, though of course there are many overlooked female fans and both vary from the no nonsense to the ludicrous. So what happens when a professional wrestler has a penchant for metal music and brings his antics from the ring to the stage? Why, you get Nasty Savage of course!

Nasty Savage was formed in 1983 by lead singer “Nasty” Ronnie Galetti, along with drummer Curtis Beeson, bassist Fred Degischan and guitar players Ben Meyer and David Austin, in Brandon, Florida. The band recorded two demos, “Raw Mayhem” and “Wage of Mayhem” in 1984 and built up a solid following in their home state, thanks in part to Ronnie Galetti’s outrageous stage persona, which would include smashing television sets over his own head. Their notoriety and popularity spread enough to earn the band a deal with Metal Blade Records, with whom they released their self-titled debut in 1985.

The album was very well received by metal fans and a number of critics, who were all impressed with the variation of the record, which ranged from the straight up speed of “Metal Knights” to the epic, “The Morgue.” The plaudits the group received for their debut and the underground success spurred them on to return to the studio and record their sophomore album, “Indulgence” in Progressive Music studios in Tampa. Once more, praise was heaped upon the band for their ferocious sound and devoted heavy metal style and it even produced something of a hit single in the form of, “XXX.”

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